Workshops & webinars

Op verzoek en in overleg kunnen wij tegen vergoeding (zo kunnen we het primaire werk vrijwillig blijven bieden) workshops of webinars voor teams of groepen organiseren. Deze kunnen bijvoorbeeld gericht zijn op het omgaan met een gezonde werk-privé balans, adaptatie aan nieuwe omstandigheden (in een team), omgaan met stress en angst. Neem gerust contact op voor meer informatie.

On request and in good consultation, we can offer workshops or webinars for teams/groups of people online (for a fee, so we can keep doing everything else on voluntary basis). In these sessions, themes like a healthy work-life balance during COVID-19, stress and anxiety management, adaptation and growth could be discussed. Please contact us for further information.


Cátia Fernandes, HR Business Partner:

"The connection Saisha establish with her clients is immediate. I had the pleasure to participate in a work-life balance workshop organized by Saisha. Saisha's capacity to convey a message is extraordinary. Apart from that, she is able to take the time to listen to participants' questions, formulate a scientific-based answer, and translate it to the audience attending. It was notorious Saisha's ability to use empathy and embrace some of the thoughts and feelings participants were experiencing, but at the same time how - through her responses - she was able to challenge some less effective thoughts, which demonstrated her outstanding abilities as a Psychologist as well."

Ekatarina Shakarashvili, HR Consultant @ EdCast:

"The type of genuine, high empathy that Saisha demonstrated from the beginning of our communication is very rare, even among the mental health professionals. I had a pleasure to attend a work-life balance workshop organised by her. I was particularly impressed by Saisha's clear and effective communication, emotional intelligence, and dedication to the project; it moved me that she was motivated only by compassion and altruism. In short, Saisha is a wonderful professional, with excellent skills and a high sense of responsibility. I would highly recommend her workshops to any team or individual."