How does it work?

By clicking the register-button (the buttons that say "Ik wil wel gebeld worden!" ("I'd like to be called)), you can register by filling out your details in the contact form. Write down very briefly what it is you’re struggling with and leave your phone number. We will get back to you within 24 hrs, and propose a date and time to schedule a phone call. On the weekends it might take a little longer. One of our professionals will call you at the set time and date (we'll call with a private/hidden number). The call will last for approximately 30 minutes. 

What can I expect from these calls, and what can't I?

The aim is to get you back on your feet within these calls. It might seem like a short period of time to do that, but in our experience, it's proven helpful and effective. Sometimes, the outcome will be that we help you find your way to the help you need for longer term (check out this page for more information about accessing mental health care in the Netherlands). Or, if we agree it's useful, we might decide on a call-back to help you along a bit further.

It's important to realize that the calls are no replacement for any form of therapy, nor are we capable of giving medical advice. We are here merely for support, a listening ear and advice.

We also do not offer advice or help in case of mental health crises. If you're dealing with suicidal thoughts, or feel you're in need of immediate psychological help, dial the emergency line (112). If you don't consider yourself to be in immediate danger, but are struggling to cope with suicidal thoughts, you can also reach out to 0900-0113, a suicide prevention helpline. 

What about my privacy?

Since we're all professionals in the field of mental health care, we conform to the regulations described in the 'Code of Ethics' of the NIP (the Dutch Association of Psychologists). Everyone that volunteers for the register is asked and expected to abide by this. 

Not everything described in the Code of Ethics is applicable to the voluntary work done by the Bel-me-wel-register. To give you an idea of what abiding by it means for us:

  • In general, abiding to the code of ethics means we treat everyone we speak with professionally in a respectable, ethical manner, responsibly, and with integrity.
  • Whatever you share, stays between you and the volunteer you speak with, unless you discuss and agree on something else (i.e. sharing back to Saisha, the founder, who is the only one operating and has access to the mailbox where emails come in. A reason to do this could be if you and the volunteer agreed she or he would send you some more information per email)
  • Your personal information (email address, phone number) will only be used for scheduling the agreed upon call on the agreed upon time/day, and will never be shown or given to any one other than the volunteer you speak to directly. The information will be deleted after the call(s).

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.